Cal Ros

What shall we do today? Maybe just nothing!

At Cal Ros you can do whatever you feel like doing. You have many activities to choose from, including doing absolutely nothing.

L'entorn de Cal Ros


Let’s go for a walk! The surroundings of our house are perfect for walks suited to everyone. We can provide you with a map that marks out all the walking routes.

Nature. Leave the doorstep of our delightful villa and experience the traditional surroundings in a pristine environment. Walk the hills to enjoy the breathtaking views; visit the castle ruins; breathe in the fresh smell of the oak and pine trees, saunter along crystal clear streams and springs, and delight in wandering the many footpaths.


Meet the animals. Say hi to the hens, the geese, the peacocks and the rabbits, all of which you can visit in our little animal farm. At the end of the afternoon, you are welcome to join us in collecting eggs or petting bunnies.

Exhibition. Do you want to know how bread was made in the past? Or which tools were used when working in the fields? If you answered yes, then we can take you downstairs to our little exhibition of yesteryear farm life.

Fields, vineyards and gardens. Visit our small plantation displaying different types of grains or take a gander at the grapes in the vineyard. It is our pleasure to share with you our traditional knowledge of wine making, and of different varieties of grains and plants.

Paó a la granjeta de Cal Ros

Comfy common spaces

If you come mainly to relax and unwind, our villa has that special space just for you.

Vista des de la terrassa de Cal Ros
La piscina de Cal Ros
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Dining room

Our spacious and cozy common dining room provides a tranquil, unhurried setting in which to delight in traditional cuisine.

The great outdoors and pool-side

In good weather, it is a pleasure to enjoy time outdoors. Bask in the sun at pool-side or go for a swim. Away from the pool in the garden, we offer games of table tennis, football or Catalan bowling (bitlles catalanes).

El salò de jocs, lectura i llar de foc de Cal Ros
Vista des de la terrassa de Cal Ros
La piscina de Cal Ros
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Living room

Feel the warmth of the crackling fire on your feet. In our spacious, yet intimate living room you can read, listen to music or play board games by the open fire, which we light once the evenings get cooler. It is your comfy space.


Want to cook your favorite meals together? Our common kitchen has everything you need for cooking. Prepare your meals the way you want with no need to go any further than downstairs of the house.

Feel like doing something else?

If you wish to do something more, to visit other places, or do a special activity in the surrounding area, we recommend the following:

Touristic activities

· La Bacicleta: electric bicycle rental
· Sikarranostra: interpretation centre
· Can Graells Stable
· Pujalt Observatory
· Kon-tiki, hot air balloon rides
· Anoia Balloons, hot air balloon rides

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