Cal Ros

With whomever you want

A get-together with your family or friends? A romantic getaway? Cal Ros is an ideal place to spend special moments connecting with each other and nature.

Entrada a Cal Ros

Worry-free group stays

For groups. Whether coming for a celebration or to spend a weekend together, let us take care of you so you only need to focus on enjoying your time together.

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Intimacy and tranquility

For couples. Spend a few days together with your partner away from the noise of the city. At Cal Ros you can enjoy the quiet and relaxed environment at your own pace.

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Camp de colza a Cal Ros

Vista de la terrassa de Cal Ros

Discover the secrets of Catalonia!

For local experience seekers. Cal Ros is an ideally located vacation place where you can experience the uniqueness of Catalonia. This quiet paradise has easy access to surrounding towns and destinations filled with history and culture.

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